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February 1, 2013
The best kept secret exposed

Fri, Feb 01, 2013

Editor: There are some persons who regularly hurry expectantly to the Kingstown Methodist Church at midday every Wednesday throughout the year, to receive a dose of encouragement, a lift of the spirit, a spark of hope, and a refill of courage to face the complex and difficult challenges and issues of these troubled times.{{more}} They spend just half hour and then return to their daily rounds, energised, refreshed and blessed.

The secret is that this experience is available to anyone who can get to the Kingstown Methodist Church at that time, and who either belongs or does not belong to any religious denomination.

Why not join this group of friendly persons from next Wednesday, 6th February. You will not regret it!

See you there!

Interestingly, from Wednesday, 13th February to Wednesday, 27th March, during the season of Lent, there will be special contributions of music appropriate for the season, by a variety of well-known choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists.

The joy of the Lord will be your strength!

Can’t Keep The Secret!