Constituency divided between  ‘two good  persons’ – PM
March 17, 2015
Constituency divided between ‘two good persons’ – PM

Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr Ralph Gonsalves says he was “inspired” to ask Sir Louis Straker to consider re-entering the political race because he saw a need for healing.

Gonsalves, speaking on Star Radio yesterday, said the men who had been considered for nomination — Maxwell Charles and Dunstan Johnson — are two “good persons,” but the constituency was divided in their support.{{more}}

“…Some of them were very vocal for Dunstan, some vocal for Maxwell. Of course, we have to avoid divisiveness and I was concerned that neither of the two candidates would have been able to heal the breach sufficiently in all the circumstances and both of them acknowledged the difficulty. And that is where I came up with the idea of putting to them Sir Louis…. it is an inspiration which came when I saw the need for the healing between the two groups of supporters.”

Gonsalves said the party will now go forward in unity behind a “very experienced and well loved person.” According to Gonsalves, Straker is more loved now than before.

“People will tell you he is more popular than before in the constituency. And I was very happy that Sir Louis responded to the call and that the people embraced him following the agreement and leadership of both Dunstan and Maxwell. I am quite sure that this morning, the Opposition must be quaking in their boots with the prospect of the return of Sir Louis.

The political leader said in 2010, Straker made way for someone else as part of the process of renewal.

“But when you see Sir Louis now, and the spring in his step, he is completely refreshed. And I am very very happy to have this distinguished son of the soil, son of Central Leeward back. I am filled with joy this morning. that we are under a united banner…. I am excited this morning. I am very pleased that the factionalism that was emerging in Central Leeward, that factionalism was put to rest. Of course, factionalism based on personal support for one individual candidate in the party as opposed to another, but everybody is Labour.

Straker’s nomination will now be considered by the central executive of the ULP, following which he will be approved by the national convention as the candidate for Central Leeward.