May 23, 2014
Missing men rescued off Aruba

Chateaubelair mother Beverley “Claygy” Williams is breathing a sigh of relief with the news, early Wednesday, of her son’s rescue.

Her son Kenrah “Yarya” Williams and two St Lucian nationals who go by the aliases “Bodymove” and “Shorney,” had been drifting for 13 days after their engine broke down; {{more}}they were rescued by Aruban authorities early Wednesday morning and are recuperating in hospital in Aruba.

Claygy told SEARCHLIGHT that she had many sleepless nights wondering about her son since he was reported lost almost two weeks ago.

“I feel great and when he gets here I want to hold him for a long time,” the ecstatic mother said.

Williams also said that she had spoken to her son twice on Wednesday and that he is doing fine and should be able to return home soon.

Kenrah, 30, is the father of four children and is well-known throughout the community.

Many are happy that Kenrah and the other men are safe; on the waterfront the men’s saga is the most talked about subject.(TY)