February 14, 2014
NDP donates to Nanton survivors

By: Taranjah Yaw Fri Feb 14, 2014

The Nanton family survivors of the deadly December floods received an undisclosed sum of money, courtesy of the New Democratic Party (NDP) on Wednesday at Rose Bank.{{more}}

The funds were handed over by area representative Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews and was received by Bazil Nanton, on behalf of the family. Also present was Wendell Nanton, who escaped the Christmas Eve tragedy that killed five family members and destroyed two homes. Wendell was hospitalized and is still recovering and bearing scars from the ordeal.

Matthews said that despite the circumstances, he is happy that his party can be of assistance and that he hopes that the family can return to some form of normalcy and stability in the near future. Also present were Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace and senator Vynette Frederick. Frederick told SEARCHLIGHT that NDP will be making monetary donations to families who lost members during the weather system. “We will be raising monies to help our fellowmen get back on their feet. These funds should help them get through their daily lives”, the senator said.

On behalf of his family, Bazil thanked his benefactors, saying that his whole family was grateful and touched by the support that they have received and that their lives are returning to some normalcy as time goes by.