February 11, 2014
Cousins shot in Glen on weekend

Shooting victim Dorcy Nicholls says that he is not looking to exact any type of revenge on the person that attacked him and his cousin, Kenville Lockhart, in Glen on Friday night.{{more}}

Up to press time, Nicholls was at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, nursing bullet wounds about his body, after being attacked by a gunman last Friday.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Nicholls yesterday at the male surgical ward, he stated that he did not have much to say, but that he is “not looking for vengeance.”

The gunshot victim explained that he and Lockhart were at a shop in Glen when someone came and started shooting.

“I walking with Jesus,” Nicholls said, as he clutched the bandages where he was wounded. “Everything is in God’s hands.”

As he pointed to the left side of his chest, the 33-year-old revealed that the bullet was still inside of his body and he was not sure when he would have surgery to have it removed.

Nurses indicated to SEARCHLIGHT that Lockhart was not on ward at the time.

According to his cousin, Lockhart had not “catch himself” as yet. Nicholls added that he was not sure where Lockhart had sustained bullet wounds because he (Nicholls) was the first one to get shot.

“All I could say is Satan busy. I was going to accept God yesterday. Go church and do that and I know Satan don’t want me to do that. But I still do it. The pastor came yesterday,” he said, as he winced in pain.

The police are investigating the matter.