January 10, 2014
11-year-old boy struck, killed by vehicle

Isola Scott is still reeling in shock from the news of the death of her older child.{{more}}

Scott told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday evening that the death of her 11-year-old son, Kenson Lynch, has left her feeling numb.

“I can’t eat like I am supposed to. I can’t sleep. It’s just not the same now that he is gone,” Scott, of Belair said.

The mother of two said that she was at her church in Walvaroo, Sion Hill, when she got word that Lynch, who turned 11 on November 3 last year, had been struck.

“I was at church praying, when a gentleman I know came to the church and bring the message. He called the pastor outside…. The pastor then came in and told my husband to hold me, then when he told me what happen, I said I couldn’t believe it.

“The pastor then called my brother, who was at the clinic and said that it was true,” Scott recounted.

The grieving mother told SEARCHLIGHT that when she went to the village of Chapmans where her son lived with her parents, and where he was struck, she was told what had happened.

She said she was told that sometime after 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Kenson was playing with some other children in the community, when he was struck by a NOAH van.

A police report says that the boy was hit by motor vehicle PQ 752, driven by Sylvannus Spring. The report states that Kenson was taken to the Diamonds Health Centre, where he succumbed to his injuries.

“I cannot accept what they saying happen.

“They are trying to say he run into the vehicle, but how could he run into the vehicle and the vehicle hit him 10 feet, run over him and went another 10 feet?” the mother asked.

“When I go there and see how the wheels turn, I cannot accept what they saying. It don’t please my heart.”

Kenson, who was in grade six of the Lauders Primary School, was the first of two boys born to Scott. He also had another brother and a sister on his father’s side.

Scott told SEARCHLIGHT that she was awaiting the results of the post mortem before making funeral arrangements.

Kenson’s death is the first road fatality for the year.(JJ)