Karib Cable hands out baskets of goodies to Salvation Army Children’s Home
December 27, 2013
Karib Cable hands out baskets of goodies to Salvation Army Children’s Home

Last Friday, Christmas came early for the children living at the Salvation Army Children’s Home.{{more}}

The nine occupants, five girls and four boys, were bubbling with excitement when representatives from Karib Cable visited them with baskets of goodies in tow.

During an intimate ceremony, marketing executive Melissa DaSilva noted that this initiative is one of many from Karib Cable, powered by Columbus Communications, in their effort to give back to the community.

“It’s that time of season. It’s about caring and making somebody’s Christmas a joyous one,” DaSilva said.

The marketing executive noted that it was the company’s pleasure to support the children of the nation.

“Karib Cable is about giving back to the community and our support is to help you guys to be hopeful,” she said to the boys and girls.

Salvation Army Major Pierre Antoine conveyed the appreciation of the children and Salvation Army in his brief remarks.

“I want to thank Karib Cable for making this Christmas a very good one for our children,” he said. “I am sure that the children are very pleased to get it from you and we do appreciate also the love that you have shown to our children. We are thankful to Karib Cable for coming on board from time to time by giving whatever we ask”.

It was an extremely special moment when two of the children also came forward to show their appreciation, particularly when one of the smaller boys said, in a shy manner, “Thank you. God go bless you”.

DaSilva indicated that the children received a variety of things, including cosmetics, books, snacks and educational toys.

“[It is] a bit of everything,” she said. “We tried to target every area”.

The Salvation Army Children’s Home, which is located in Pembroke, was established in 2011. Although it can house up to 16 children, there are only nine residents at present. It is the hope that there will be a phase two of the project, in which another house is built on site for teenage children.(BK)