Cummings says he has been trying to bring his family together
December 6, 2013
Cummings says he has been trying to bring his family together

Member of Parliament for the constituency of West Kingstown Daniel Cummings has said that he has been trying to bring unity among his siblings, and would in no way instruct the demolition of a property in which his own blood relative inhabited.{{more}}

The parliamentarian, speaking on NICE Radio on Wednesday morning, explained that he had been involved in trying to bring his family together, to solve what he called a “strange problem”, by convening meetings between his brothers and sisters, who were in disagreement over a property in Kingstown Park.

The property, which was part of the estate of their late father Samuel Cummings, was demolished two weeks ago.

“Early last year, there arose a conflict in the family when one of my sisters wanted to have access to the property on which she has built her home, having retired from the UK and in the process she encountered rather strange objections without merit, without any authority without any modicum of sense,” Cummings broadcasted.

“….And in that exercise I have been in dialogue, I have been in meetings, I have brought the parties together at my home repeatedly, we prayed over the subject, we discussed the subject, we looked for ways to resolve the subject without going public.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work and the decision was taken to hold to their position, which ended in the court of law.

“Even during this process I used all of my powers of persuasion still to reach out to encourage my sister, who is well within her rights from all the legal and other advice that I have, to encourage her to extend several olive branches… which have been rejected.”

Cummings disclosed that Justice Gertel Thom threw out an injunction brought by his nephew Derron Dennie, who occupied the house in question, against Cummings’ brother Dalaus Cummings and sister Esther Hutchinson.

He said that he was in no way involved in the matter.

“I had nothing to do with it. I was not even in the country, and I am advised by the attorneys representing my brother and sister that the court dealt very simply with that matter and threw it out and that the court dealt with no other matter.

“I was most surprised when I heard that the roof of the house was removed. Shocked because we had agreed… six of us have been in discussion only a few days before, that it was agreed absolutely that we would do nothing until we get an agreement where there would be a peaceful resolution. So I was the most shocked person to find that the house was in fact demolished.

“It’s not my style, there is absolutely no truth in it. I have tried everything in my power to prevent exactly that… for over a year.

“So for Mr [Olin] Dennie to state that there was a matter restraining the demolition of the house is a dastardly lie, and for him to imply that I broke the order of the court is a most libellous, dangerous, nasty accusation from a member of the bar in this country. That is an absolute disgrace.”

Cummings declared that he still makes efforts to bring peace, and re-establish the family values that were instilled in him and his siblings by their elders.

The politician said that there was nothing in the world more important to him than family, and it has always been his position in life.

“All of my efforts were geared towards uniting my family and indeed that process continues, bringing my family whom I love so dearly… together. We are human beings and sometimes we get carried away, but I believe very shortly by the power of the most high the pains would have passed, the healing process would be speeded up and we will come back to the way our parents have brought us up and I look forward to that.

“If it’s one thing I know I come into this world with a character moulded by my grandmother, my mother and my father and all my family, and there are certain values I hold to steadfastly.

“Anybody that has had anything to do with me know that there are some values that I never compromise no matter what the circumstances, one of those is my family relations. Nothing divides me from any member of my family, never have, never will. I will love everyone till the end, that’s who I am and how I am.”