November 5, 2013
OECS conducting three-day awareness campaign

A technical mission from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States is presently in the State to meet and update key constituents on OECS integration and progress relating to OECS economic union.{{more}}

The technical mission, which is being joined by the office of the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit (RIDU), will be in SVG until November 7. This is the third of six country missions being undertaken for 2013.

A release from RIDU said that public dialogue is the primary objective of the mission; therefore they have coordinated a consultation itinerary which will embrace the public and private sector, the youth and the media.

“The involvement of organized business and community based groups is being sought to ensure the objectives of the mission are met,” the release said.

“Since the implementation of the OECS Economic Union in January of 2011, a lot of initiatives have been pursued. Among the list are the Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority (ECERA) Project, the Free Circulation of Goods and the OECS Business Council. Citizens may not be aware of how these initiatives can potentially impact their lives on a daily basis. As usual, people who are not properly informed are scared that the Freedom of Movement of individuals will negatively impact the host country,” the release said.

Among the areas to be discussed is “What, if anything is been done to ensure that what the Treaty affords is enjoyed by citizens of the Economic Union?”

The release said the hope is that persons will be much better informed at the end of the three day awareness campaign and that the media would be sufficiently interested that long after the mission ends, the theme of the Economic Union will be topical and command attention.

The OECS Secretariat team will comprise the following: Elma-Gene Isaac – coordinator of the Regional Integration Unit, OECS Secretariat; Safiya Horne Bique – programme officer, Regional Integration Unit; Rodinald Soomer – head of the Economic Development Policy Unit; David Popo – head of the Social & Sustainable Development Unit within that Division; Debra Blackman – programme officer, 10th European Development Fund (EDF); Alicia Stephens – trade officer within the Trade Policy Unit.