Businessman takes matters into his hands
August 10, 2010
Businessman takes matters into his hands

Businessman Roger Clifton took time out from his busy schedule on Sunday to clear a blocked drain near to where he will be relocating his business soon.{{more}}

“This is my community and I am taking matters into my own hands,” said Clifton.

He was assisted by three men, who helped in clearing the drain near to his new place of business in the Lower Kingstown Park/ Paul’s Avenue area.

The drain, which had been clogged for more than two weeks, created a stream in the road when it rains.

Recent heavy rains brought not only water onto the street, but also garbage and refuse that may have been thrown into other drains.

Clifton, the proprietor of Express Data Systems Ltd, said that the relevant authorities have ignored the problem for too long and it was time for someone to rectify the situation.

“They have the biggest budget of government and they aren’t doing anything,” said Clifton, referring to the Bridges, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA), the organization responsible for among other things clearing drains.

He disclosed that Express Data Systems Ltd will be taking up residence at the new location soon. (JJ)