Greiggs holds disaster reduction drive
July 20, 2010
Greiggs holds disaster reduction drive

The Greiggs Emergency Management Organization (GEMORG) in its continued drive towards education and awareness about disaster reduction, held a rally in Greggs on Sunday afternoon, July 4, 2010.{{more}} The theme was “Risk Management – Key for Disaster Reduction”.

Risk Management as it relates to disaster reduction/prevention, is the efficient planning, organization, direction and control processes aimed at risk analysis and risk reduction, adverse event management and post-disaster recovery.

Several persons from the community took part in the rally displaying their talents to re-enforce the need for preparation should we be affected by an event such as a hurricane, flood, landslide etc.

Michelle Forbes, acting director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), in her address, said that even though we are in the hurricane season, Risk Management is not only about hurricanes, but includes other events such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcano eruptions. Therefore it is imperative, she said, that we make the necessary plans and preparation in managing our risk so that we can lessen or prevent the impact should we be affected by an event.

The acting Director also stressed the importance of each family having an emergency plan to first address and manage those risks immediately affecting the family. Forbes commended GEMORG for the initiative and encouraged the organization to continue working with other community groups to realize greater results in its efforts.

The president of GEMORG Sternley Walker encouraged everyone to be motivated and get into action when it comes to Risk Management for disaster reduction/prevention.

The simple felling/pruning of trees around buildings, keeping drains clean, house inspection/retrofitting, applying building codes, every family having a family emergency plan, etc. could determine a family’s level of impact and how quickly their lives return to normalcy should they be affected by an event.

The purpose of the rally was for the people of the community to know their existing risks and how to manage those risks to reduce/prevent disasters.