Help: Both kidneys are failing
July 16, 2010
Help: Both kidneys are failing

An Edinboro man is soliciting the help of the public to raise US$20,000 in his quest to acquire a new kidney.{{more}}

Trevor Figueira, 25, has been afflicted by a disease called Glomerulonephritis, which has caused his two kidneys to deteriorate.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Friday, July 9, 2010, shortly after his visit to urologist Dr. Rohan deShong, a soft spoken Figueira stated that he woke up one morning earlier this year and noticed that his face was badly swollen.

He visited his doctor and underwent several tests, but no diagnosis was made.

It was not until he travelled to Trinidad to seek medical attention in May that Figueira learnt of his ailment. “At that point, all they knew was that my kidneys were failing and they couldn’t do anything else from there,” he explained.

Since being diagnosed, Figueria has been on dialysis treatment, which he has to have every six hours, everyday. “If I don’t take my treatment within that period of time, I feel drowsy and weak at times…but otherwise, I feel good and go about my daily activities,” Figueria said.

Since learning of his illness, the Guardsman employee said his life has changed. “I can’t go out and hang out with my friends as I used to, or attend certain functions,” he said. Figueria has also been placed on a special diet as he has been advised to eat more fruits and lessen his salt intake.

For the past three weeks, Figueira has been using fluids for his dialysis which cost US$10 daily. He needs four bags each day. Figueira will need this treatment every day for the rest of his life unless he is able to acquire a new kidney.

Figueira will also have to take blood pressure tablets for the rest of his life along with other medication, once he obtains the kidney.

According to Dr. deShong, Figueria’s kidney may be reacting to something it has come into contact with, such as a virus, bacteria, chemicals, or the body itself may be destroying its own kidney. deShong explained that Figueria’s kidneys are swollen and have become inflamed. In this state, he said, the body retains protein and cannot get rid of fluids easily.

deShong said Figueria can go on to lead a normal life as long as his dialysis treatment continues working and he does not pick up any infections. However, the biggest hurdle right now for Figueira is to obtain a kidney transplant, which has to be done overseas. deShong explained that Trinidad and Tobago has been doing kidney transplants for the past three years and in that time, two Vincentians have had kidney transplants done there.

Figueira is currently on medication to control his pressure and to assist with getting rid of excess fluids from his body.

Persons wishing to assist Figueria may contact him at 526-5228.(KW)