March 19, 2010
Mother cries foul

The mother of Myron Westfield believes that police investigations into her son’s death were poorly executed.{{more}}

A teary-eyed Jocelyn Matthews visited SEARCHLIGHT offices last Friday stating that if only the police had been more thorough in their investigations, Oscar Porter, the man who shot and killed her son, would have been held accountable for his death.

Instead, at an Inquest held for Westfield just last week at the Serious Offences Court, a five-member jury came to a decision that Westfield’s death was a result of misadventure.

Westfield, a 23-year-old gardener, was mortally wounded on Thursday, July 31, 2008, at Gibson Corner, after engaging in an altercation with Porter. A medical report indicated that Westfield died as a result of shotgun injuries. He sustained injuries to his chest, under his right arm, and leg.

“I am not happy with the verdict at all… I know that man (Porter) is lying and I believe de police mess up the case…” she claimed.

Matthews said that she is not looking for money, but all she wants is for someone to be held accountable for her son’s death. “I ain’t looking for no money but I know my son did not do that man anything at all,” she cried.

The visibly distraught woman said that her health has deteriorated since the death of her son. “Look at me. I have not been able to eat properly and the police have me like some kinda fool all this time. This man took my child’s life and for what?” Matthew lamented.