February 5, 2010
Black History Activities

Vincentians are being encouraged to rediscover their African heritage and to develop a deeper consciousness as the nation observes Black History Month.{{more}}

Activities are set to get underway tomorrow with a concert in honour of Reggae icon Robert ‘Bob’ Marley which doubles as a Haiti relief effort.

According to the Black History Month organizing committee, the activities this year will incorporate a programme to educate the public on Haiti.

“The emphasis this year will be placed on Haiti,” Andre Liverpool, member of the Black History Month Organizing Committee and Rastafari Working Committee said.

“I think over the years, Haiti being the first Black nation, many have not given it respect, and now it is time to educate the people on Haiti,” he added.

The list of activities includes a lecture on Haiti, an art exhibition, film presentation and poetry night and ends on the 28th of February with a healing conference involving all the Rastafari movements. (DD)