September 17, 2004
Digicel pledges $2 m. towards Grenada relief

According to a press release from Digicel earlier this week, to help relieve the devastation wreaked on the island of Grenada by Hurricane Ivan, that company is committing EC$1 million for hurricane relief activities through a donation to the Red Cross. {{more}}
In addition, Digicel is giving in excess of EC$1 million in free call credit to the people of Grenada.
“The damage caused by Hurricane Ivan has been astronomical and Digicel is committed to helping the island of Grenada in any way possible. With the support of our OECS shareholder, Karib Cable, we have already been involved in helping get basics like food and water to the island,” said Kevin
White, Digicel Eastern Caribbean CEO. “The aftermath is horrific and many people are without such supplies. The Red Cross and other relief agencies have been working around the clock to help Grenadians get back on their feet and we hope our contribution of funds can assist them.”
In addition to the Red Cross donation, Digicel has given in excess of EC$1 million to all its customers in Grenada. Each customer has received EC$50 free call credit. The company hopes this will assist customers in their ability to connect with relatives and friends, and support communication needs essential to restoring day-to-day
“Obviously, communication is vital at this stage and we are working tirelessly to ensure that everyone can keep in contact,” continued Kevin White. “Our engineering team has been down in Grenada since Hurricane Ivan hit and we now have 70 per cent population coverage.
Within the next couple of days we are hoping that the full network will be in