From the Courts
June 21, 2016
Murder suspect walks free, complainant fails to show

Waynard Mapp, who had been charged with attempted murder, walked free from the Serious Offences Court last week, when the virtual complainant, Ralston Samuel, failed to appear for the third time.

Mapp was charged with the offence on November 11, 2015.{{more}}

At a preliminary inquiry on May 25, six witnesses took the stand. They were Doctor Michael Goodluck, who examined Samuel, as well as Avil Bullock, whose glass door is believed to have been shattered by bullets from a gun. The gas tank of Bullock’s van was also penetrated by a gun bullet.

Bullock’s wife, Carmen Bullock, daughter, Valerie Bullock, corporal Williams and police constable Williams, a certified crime scene specialist, also took the stand on May 25.

The prosecution was, however unable to get Samuel, the virtual complainant, to make an appearance in order to give evidence. As a result, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias granted an adjournment to May 31, but when the case was again brought before the court, the prosecution said that they were still unable to get Samuel to make a court appearance.

The prosecution made an application for a final adjournment, which was granted by Browne-Matthias and scheduled for June 14.

The matter which had been before the court since last November, came to an end last Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown.

Loud sighs of relief were heard coming from Mapp after he was asked to stand down.(CA)