Quashie striving for excellence
November 5, 2004
Quashie striving for excellence

by Renrick Quashie

First of all I must thank Almighty God because without Him I cannot achieve anything.

On September 11, 2004, I started working with Guardsman SVG Limited as a security guard. In everything I do I always strive for excellence, give my best and a positive thought towards my goals knowing that they are achievable. {{more}}

Within seven and a half months of employment my performance stands out. I was awarded the number one guard for the second quarter 2004, also two weeks later I was promoted to the C.I.T. guarding division and created history in SVG by being the first security guard to wear an official jacket and tie on duty for Guardsman.

I must say in life there are struggles and trials but you get to be determined and strong knowing that your goals can be accomplished if you try.

I am proud to be working at Guardsman SVG Limited and I have a passion for my job.

So to all business people out there, do not fear or settle for less. Choose Guardsman and avoid stress because when it comes to security, Guardsman is Simply The Best. Thank You.