August 21, 2012
Taekwondo groups unite

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Taekwondo Association and its fraternal association from St Lucia united here from August 13 to 19, for an exchange of training techniques,{{more}} as well as competitions in sparring and poomse.

The link-up came about after a failed attempt to host a taekwondo competition among regional associations in Grenada.

President of the local taekwondo association Glenroy Gaymes told SEARCHLIGHT that, following the poor response, the St Lucian contingent travelled to St Vincent and engaged their Vincentian counterparts instead.

The St Lucian contingent comprised 11 youngsters between the ages of eight and 16, along with instructor Samuel Decaille, a parent and a chaperone.

Gaymes said that the exchange was beneficial to the young athletes.

“It was a good experience for us, as our youngsters have not been exposed to this type of competition, as we are lacking in this regard,” Gaymes said.

He said the exchange with the St Lucians dovetailed effectively with an Olympic solidarity activity held here recently.

“As follow-up from that course, they (the youngsters) were able to put what they learned into practice,” Gaymes noted.

Last July, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Taekwondo Association benefitted from a 10-day course conducted by Seok San Kim of Korea.

Gaymes said that in addition to this, his members were able to draw on the expertise of Decaille, whom he described as “a highly qualified instructor”.

“We were able to learn from them as [we] got some of their techniques of training and they also learned from us also and the way we do things,” Gaymes added.

Gaymes said he is looking forward to making a reciprocal visit to St Lucia and engage them on their turf.

He further said he’s hoping that the other countries across the region will be able to get over their hurdles and be able to commit to a wider Caribbean exercise.

The local taekwondo association head said that in the interim, his association would be holding a fun camp from October 26 to 28. (RT)