Heroes Day Sion Hill Walk/ Run rekindles community pride
Winners- Donald Peters(left), Terique Scott (right)
April 5, 2024

Heroes Day Sion Hill Walk/ Run rekindles community pride

The Sion Hill community was a buzz on Thursday March, 14, 2024, National Heroes Day, with the hosting of a Sion Hill Walk/ Run race.

Twenty three walkers/ runners were part of the event, as the Sion Hill Lighting Committee and the Imagination Mas Band, jointly hosted the afternoon’s activity.

Beginning at the Sion Hill intersection, participants paced through the main Cane Garden Road, on to Long Wall, before exiting at Granby Street and via Murray’s Road, back to the Sion Hill intersection.

In the Run Category, Terique Scott remained the winner, earning the Sion Hill Sports Club’s prize of $300. Jokiyah Nanton docked second. Nanton received $150, a donation from Randy Patrick and Romel Ollivierre. Closing out the top three was Kafayne Clasp, who got $100, donated by Kevin Dickson.

Meanwhile, Donald Peters, who has the moniker “ Casson Hill Horse”, for his dominance of the fifth leg when the then Discovery Day, January 22, road relay was the high point in the 1980s and 90s, was the first in the Walk category. Peters thus pocketed $300 donated by Rodney Small and added a gift bag for being the oldest participant. The latter donation was compliments Home Collections and Tosh Haynes.

Trailing Peters was Wendell Ince, who received $150 from Bernard Hamilton, and Fitzgerald Bramble who won himself $100 donated by Glenwayne Jackson. Bramble though gave his winnings to the younger participants.

There were two other awards presented to the first female to reach the finish line and the youngest to complete.

Winning the female prize was Ireka Miller who accepted a gift bag and $50, accorded by Thornley Myers and Fenella Woodley.

And, Matthew Jackson carried home a case of tetra pack juices, for being the youngest male participant.

The Heroes Day event was also supported by the Ministry of Culture.