April 23, 2010
Matter resolved!

An amicable solution has been arrived at, and there will be Cricket this weekend in the RBTT Premier Division of the National Competition, under the aegis of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association (SVGCA).{{more}}

Last weekend, in an unexpected and unprecedented move, some groundsmen employed with the National Sports Council (NSC) did not turn up for work on Saturday, hence, the two matches slated for the Arnos Vale One and Two Playing Fields were not played.

The matches should have brought together the top teams on points, OLA Boutique Radcliffe and Victors One, at Arnos Vale Two, and MVC Rivals against Victors Two, at the other venue.

However, last Tuesday, a meeting between officials of both parties, the NSC and the SVGCA, was able to come to a resolution in the matter relating to the payment for monies for the recently concluded Windwards Power Companies Windward Islands Under-19 Cricket Tournament.

Manager of the NSC Osbourne Browne told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday that the situation was “regrettable”.

He thought that the groundsmen were “misled and misinformed”.

“They did not seek guidance, and took a unilateral decision, which they ought not to have taken,” Browne expressed.

Reports are that the groundsmen have been recently unionized with the Public Service Union (PSU).

Browne further pointed out: “There was no agreement between the Council and the Association as to the time they should be paid”.

But while matches were not played at the Arnos Vale venues, the two fixtures in the Bottlers First Division and carded for the North Union and Buccament Bay Playing Fields went ahead as scheduled. (RT)