I lost everything except my life – Williams
December 27, 2013
I lost everything except my life – Williams

While some persons are mourning the loss of their loved ones in the floods that devastated various areas of the country this week, others are lamenting the loss of items they have acquired over a lifetime.{{more}}

Vermont resident Owin Williams is one of many Vincentians who lost a majority of their belongings in the disaster, which occurred following the rains on Christmas Eve.

Williams, who lives on the river bank near the Vermont Bridge, told SEARCHLIGHT that he lost at least 20 feet of his house.

“I build it from scratch,” he said, as he pointed to areas where parts of his house detached from the main structure and washed away.

The resident’s kitchen lay open to the elements and what was left of his belongings sat on the muddied floor as a window barely hung on its hinges.

His furniture was also soiled with mud and new pieces of galvanize owned by Williams were spotted in various areas along the riverbed, resembling crushed aluminum foil.

Having lived in the area for approximately 29 years, Williams declared that nothing like this has ever happened before.

He attributes the damage to the mouth of the bridge being blocked.

“When rain come most of the time, it doesn’t be heavy. I never, ever scared of the river,” Williams said.

“I experienced one flood one time. It wasn’t as bad as this. The reason why…water come that way, go this way, but the mouth [of the bridge] never block. The bridge mouth end up block, so everything rise”.

Although he is sad about his losses, Williams is still thankful for life.

“Me lose everything except my life. Thank God for that. Still got life,” he declared.

“Sad to hear what happen to the rest, but I still could tell somebody what I see went on”.

At least two lamp poles lay fallen in Williams’ area and wires were strewn on what was left of his property. The nearby Vermont Bridge was cordoned off with yellow police tape and although the bridge still stood on its abutments, cracks were observed in its foundation.

Other houses across St Vincent and the Grenadines were either completely washed away or destroyed in the disaster on Christmas Eve.(BK)