Teachers’ Union head challenges media
November 27, 2012
Teachers’ Union head challenges media

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) Oswald Robinson has called on media practitioners to be fair in their reporting.{{more}}

At the union solidarity march and rally, on November 16, Robinson challenged the media to “report on what we (SVGTU) have said and not their own perception.

“… You must be able to establish opinion and fact. None of you — I don’t care who you are — is going to push me on any political side,” he told the poorly-attended rally at Heritage Square.

“I am fair. When I rise to lead this nation, I rise because I don’t stand on anybody’s political fence. I am charged with the business of the SVGTU. No matter how you throw your questions, I am interested in the social and economic justice of the teachers of this nation,” Robinson said.