October 7, 2011
Coreas Hazells Inc. says thank you to its customers

Coreas Hazells Inc. celebrated Thank You Day on Friday, September 30, with a week of activities leading up to the grand day.

Thank You week started on September 26, and customers were treated to free medical check-ups, which involved blood pressure and sugar testing, also cosmetic consultation and free facials.{{more}} Employees also engaged in community outreach programmes, where personal visits were made to customers and businesses to personally say thank you and to offer tokens of appreciation. Some customers were also treated to Dinner at the French Verandah restaurant, and some were personally taken to lunch by members of staff. The official Thank You Day climaxed on September 30, with huge discounts being offered storewide. In some instances, customers were eligible for 50% off selected items, and also the opportunity to buy one item and get another free.

The day which is dedicated to customers, staff and colleagues who have helped the company is no ordinary day, outlined Managing Director Joel Providence. He further stated that not only is it the corporate responsibility of the company to give back to the Vincentian public, but also the company has a moral responsibility to lead by example. This example, he emphasised, should be one to be emulated by businesses, and the expression ‘Thank You’ should resonate from staff, customers and the populace as we are a country built on traditional values.

One elated customer commented that a monetary value cannot be placed on the day as it goes beyond dollars and cents, after being personally thanked by an employee of the company. Additionally, Coreas Hazells Inc. has embedded itself in the coils of Vincentian history since 1845, and is one of the longest standing companies around today.

The company recommits itself to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a grass-root member of the community, hence the whole idea behind the ‘Thank You Day’ initiative.