December 30, 2009
Digicel brings Christmas cheer to five persons

One person cried tears of joy, one was speechless, but what was evident was that Digicel brought a little Christmas cheer into the life of at least five persons on Christmas Eve.{{more}}

On Thursday, December 24, members of the Digicel family, led by Digicel’s Human Resource and Administrative Executive Mercel Williams, journeyed to the rural areas of Orange Hill, Overland, London and Sandy Bay, where they distributed food baskets to five extremely needy persons. The Digicel team was accompanied by Community Development Field Officer for the North Windward District Gloston Lavier.

The first stop was Vernie Mornix in Orange Hill. The 90-year-old woman lives with her great great granddaughter Nadesha Glasgow. When asked how she felt about Digicel’s generosity, Mornix said: “I feel nice and good and I praise God for life”.

Elsa Jordan of Overland got her basket next. Jordan who is in her 60’s said simply: “Thank you”. Leah Lewis of London was not at home to collect her package but her children, Bridget, Dorette and Randolph received the package on her behalf. The next stop was Sandy Bay where the Digicel team met Sadie May. The elderly lady, who was extremely thankful for the food basket, burst into tears. She commented, “I never knew that somebody would give me something for my Christmas. Thank you very much Digicel”.

In Owia, the recipient of the food basket was Barthley Lorraine. The elderly gentleman lives all by himself in a wall structure that is badly in need of a step. He said on receiving the gift: “thanks”, and asked for assistance with building a proper step to his home.

After the deliveries, Lavier said that the persons were chosen because of the fact that some of them were very poor and unable to adequately provide for themselves.

“I chose the most desperate and this donation from Digicel will truly help them in that they will now have something worthwhile to eat for Christmas”, said Lavier, who also noted that the donations “will make them feel special. Lavier also urged Digicel to “continue doing a good job”.

This is the fourth time that Digicel is giving away food hampers. Williams said that the bigger better network is always looking at ways to help members of the community.

“At this special time of year, it was good to interact with these elderly persons and their relatives and friends some of whom shared their personal stories with us. Every year, Digicel always remembers persons in our various communities who are less fortunate and we help them to have a very enjoyable Christmas””, said Williams, who added that she was most of all touched by Lorraine’s plea for help with the building of his steps. Lorraine has to climb onto blocks in order to enter and exit his house.

“All persons appreciated the hampers donated by Digicel. However, Lorraine also requested the company’s assistance with steps to his partly completed house. He has no running water, electricity and no steps to the entrance of his house,” said Williams. She also thanked Roger Young and Lavia, who she said assisted with the selection of the persons.