Local Vibes
May 23, 2014
Walshy sets Victoria Park on fire

St Vincent and the Grenadines recently got a taste of the skills of the internationally acclaimed group “Major Lazer,” through the performance of DJ Walshy Fire.{{more}}

The DJ, real name Leighton Paul Walsh, was the featured guest at the LIME 4G Reset Party that took place at the Victoria Park last Friday night.

In an exclusive interview, the Jamaican DJ told SEARCHLIGHT that his affiliation with this country’s own soca headliner Skinny Fabulous, and producer Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell led to him coming to St Vincent to be a part of the event, hosted by LIME.

“Me and Skinny ah fren from long time for about 10 years…. Me know Skinny forever and I always know say he was going to be a problem, so I’ve been working with him long time now regardless to Major Lazer,” the DJ pointed out in his Jamaican accent.

“But really and truly Kubiyashi is the bridge, production-wise, to making it actually happen with Major Lazer. So, we work with Kubiyashi, and Skinny work with him; so it was bound to happen. The song we have right now “Party Hardcore” is going to do very well.”

The veteran DJ said he and his crew, which also includes DJ Diplo and Jillionaire, have worked with a number of regional and international artistes for its Extended Play (EP) that was released recently, and that their fans all over the world can look forward to a full length album early next year.

An EP is a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album or LP (Long Play).

The team has already released two albums.

As an individual artiste, Walshy Fire, who got his DJ name from another close friend, Sean Paul, says that he too may drop an album if the vibes are right.

“As Walshy Fire I am just putting out singles right now and if something catches I might just drop an EP. I have an album worth of material.

“Me and Kubiyashi just did an album with Charley Blaxx and I’m ready to push that out really seriously and make the club go crazy.

The DJ also had encouraging words for DJs who are looking at branching out into the music industry.

“A lot of DJs are turning artistes and it’s all good man; who says that everybody should have a wall around what they do?

“Just do what feels good, do it naturally if it makes you happy. If somebody wants to be a DJ and a producer and a singer, and they’re good at it, just do it,” he encouraged.

Apart from his gig as a DJ and a part of the Major Lazer brand, Walshy Fire also has another claim to fame: he is the younger brother of former West Indies fast bowler Courtney Walsh.(JJ)