Bramble apologises for fracas at show
Local Vibes
November 9, 2012
Bramble apologises for fracas at show

Local dancehall artiste Fitz-Allan Bramble has apologized for the “unfortunate events” that took place at the recent Halloween Bash at the Victoria Park, headlined by Jamaican dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee.{{more}}

Bramble, who goes by the stage name “Borderline”, was involved in a squabble with another young man, while both men performed at the show on Saturday, November 3, in view of hundreds of patrons.

“I want to apologise to the promoters of One Love Entertainment and Hairoun for my behaviour. This is not the direction I want to see my talent going or the image I want to portray to my fans…,” Bramble told SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week.

At the show, Bramble attempted to pull the microphone away from his challenger. A scuffle ensued and Bramble was thrown from the stage.

Bramble made his way back onstage, following which the squabble continued and was subsequently broken up by Special Services Unit (SSU) officers.

“This was not at all premeditated and I can assure people that this will never happen again at any event,” Bramble promised.

The young artiste said he is now focussed on putting out more positive music and is currently seeking management.(KW)