Need help to end it with my ex who married someone else
Hey Rosie!
March 4, 2022
Need help to end it with my ex who married someone else

Hi Rosie,

I am trying to finally cut ties with my ex.  He and I have a great connection, but it’s going nowhere fast.  We have 2 daughters together and he went ahead and married someone else, had a child and realized that he wanted me . We keep going back and forth which is a huge waste of time because he’s never going to leave his wife and I will always be the other woman. I’m thinking of leaving and moving elsewhere because I’m still young and I can start over .  He isn’t going to leave me alone and it is hard to say no sometimes .

What should I do?

Dear What should I do ?

I think you are on the right track. You are going to have to make some hard decisions in your life in order to start afresh .

Let me say this , you are in a vicious relationship cycle . The back and forth, the empty promises , setting a very poor example for your girls to see how their father can’t commit to their mother and the list goes on.

If moving is something that is feasible for you to do, I would say go for it.  Sometimes if the opportunity affords itself to you then take it.  In your case a clean break may be what is needed for you.

Settling isn’t the answer and I hope that you can find the right type of emotional support to help you and your girls over this hurdle to a more stable future.  Of course you will have to find a way to co-parent without seeing each other naked right ? Don’t fall back into that trap .

We all have challenges , it’s how we overcome the debris that falls in our way which makes us victorious . Good luck !


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