Hey Rosie!
August 9, 2019
I have a crush on my sister’s man. Should I tell him that I’m attracted to him?

Hey Rosie,

I have a crush on my sister’s man. Rosie, he’s so fine, I can’t explain what seeing him does to me!

My sister and I live in different areas, but we get together with our other siblings and their families at our parents house over the weekend. We are a close family, so I’m not looking for any trouble. But I can’t help that I really like this guy.

He and I have a lot of playful banter with each other and have many similar likes. I even caught my sister and mom giving me side looks because we click so well.

I have never crossed the line, but I think he likes me too. What should I do? I have been single for the last two years and he’s really checking my boxes off, Rosie. Should I tell him that I’m attracted to him?
Help me!

Dear Help me!

No ma’am! Please keep your mouth closed. I get it that you have the hots for him, but you can look, but not touch!

My friend, sometimes we are attracted to the forbidden fruit, but it’s forbidden for a reason, because he doesn’t belong to you. Even though you may have a great rapport with him you can’t cross that line at all.

I would suggest that you limit how much time you are around him. It may help if you could hang out a little more with some other friends or take up a completely new hobby. You really should develop new focuses to help take your mind off your sister’s man.

In time this too shall pass, so stick to your guns and do not cross that line. Your relationship with your sister outweighs how you feel about her man at this stage. Good luck and you can do it!


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