From the Courts
May 8, 2009
Magistrate tired of sagging

The modern trend of young men wearing baggy trousers below the waist is getting under the skin of Senior Magistrate Donald Browne.{{more}}

On Monday May 5, at a sitting of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Browne ordered two young men to attire themselves in a decent manner before entering the courtroom. Both youngsters, decked in matching pairs of white trousers, were seen pulling up their pants almost from their knees, before they returned to the defendant’s dock to answer their charges.

“This has become the number one men’s fashion, it seems in SVG. What a travesty of good standards!” Browne noted. “The crotches of the pants is all past their knees and if a dog was supposed to chase them, they would certainly not make it,” said the Magistrate.

Browne noted that the trend of sagging came from jail, where male prisoners who did not have belts would hold their trousers with their hands or just let it sag below their waist.