From the Courts
December 22, 2006
Incident causes D.J. to smoke

Last week’s heinous crime at the Leeward Bus Terminal where a young lady was hacked to death in front of scores of Vincentians has left Sherwin “DJ Monty” Ambris traumatised.

“Your worship, since the incident at the bus terminal I have not been myself and it draw me to smoke marijuana,” he told Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne after pleading guilty to having 87 grams of cannabis in his possession.{{more}}

He was fined $550 to be paid in one month with an alternative of six months at her Majesty’s Prison.

During a search by Rapid Response Unit personnel and the Narcotics squad of the home of the radio announcer on December 18 2006 a plain handbag was found with a number of other bags in it containing the substance believed to be marijuana.

Ambris was cautioned by the police officers and he replied “man is jus ah small smoke.”

“Don’t you get into this nasty habit again, please don’t use this as an excuse,” said Browne.