Bassy - Love Vine
November 8, 2013
Welcome Go-terminal opps Geothermal

Bandy Waist dead and gone but de records will show dat back in de l970’s, he staged possibly de first one man protest against ah Multinational Company in SVG. He stood his ground outside CDC, now Vinlec’s office wid his placard “CDC Killing We!” Kaisonian Toiler took up de calm-pain and won de Crown dat year wid his Kaiso begging CDC to “have sympathy foh poor people like me!” Up to now, CDC ain’t move sorry, de price ah electricity moved up, when dey done charge yuh foh de Electricity yuh use, dey tun round and charge yuh foh de Few-ill dat produced to produce de Electricity. {{more}}

Hopes sprang high when ULP took power. De PM spring ah surprise on us telling us dat he getting cheaper Few-Ill out of ah deal wid ALBA. Is only den de Light Bill started to climb, our Few-Ill surcharge is at an all time high, and we owe ah death of 41 million dollars wid Venezuela foh Few-Ill! Every body started to panic, Consumers, Guv-ah-mint and even Vinlec who hurry-hurry embarked on ah Solar N-ah-G project, dey spent three million dollars and de result is dat consumers will save one dollar on our light bill. Dey should be charged for Few-ill waste! And all dis time we dey monkeying wid high N-ah-G prices wid Light Bill, Gas and Diesel; Countries like Martinique, Dominica, even lickle Nevis went into exploring de possibility of Geothermal Electricity. Eight years ago when Dan Cummings, man wid ah highly distinguished academic background, ah Masters degree in Civil Engineer and ah Masters in Business Administration, became an NDP Senator, he presented to Par-liar-mint ah strong case foh Geothermal Energy foh dis country. Members on de Guv-ah-mint bench laughed him wid scorn.

But now de real hard times steering everybody in de face, Kenny- and-Tony can’t hold back no more, he say ah lot ah his colleague feeling de hard times but shame to add-myth. He nah call no name, but who de cap fit, now start ah wear it. Guv-ah-mint back is up against ah wall, after all ALBA is not de save-yah dat it promised to be; de Solar Project was ah bad three million dollar spent. Is like desperation teking over de reigns ah power, de ship is sinking and de captain grabbing at anything dat look like ah life belt. Even de USA!

Who would ah believe dat our PM, Mr ALBA himself would ah gone wid cap in bag begging Bill Clinton, de former USA Imperialist President foh help. He now teking up Cummings’ add-vice he going de Geo thermal Electricity way. But give him his due, he is doing de right thing, dis is ah master stroke, not like de master stroke give away sale ah de NCB. He is ah lickle late, but as de saying goes “better late dan never.”

Lie-Za been reading up pon Geo-thermal N-ah-G, she calls it Go-terminal! She tells me countries like Italy been using Go-terminal N-ah-G successfully since 1911. It is safe, clean foh de Environment and hopefully cheaper. Right now Vincent-Shuns will settle foh any forn ah N-ah-G dat will tek dat Vinlec Few-ill Sir Charge off we back. And wid dat is gone ah gone again. One Love Bassy


So what is all de fussing about Hon. Seeing Clear Lay-cock’s statement dat de members ah Par-liar-mint (ULP and NDP) should all attend In-deep-pen-dense Parade. Dis boy-cut-in ah de Parade started way back wid Sir James. Cato’s Labour Party was in power, dey uses to diss Sir James and de Grenadines wid gross neglect and sidrespect dem ah hard; so when it was time foh In-de-pen-dance, Sir James uses to head home to Bequia to bask on Belmont Beach and get his ‘Son’ tan. Was around dah same time, Scakes, de Kaisonian oops, Sir Scakes, ah forget dah he, Sir Skinny, Sir Kevin and Sir Fireman got dey ‘Nighted from de PM. But when man was spite-in one another, Scakes did compose ah Kaiso: “Retribution Coming.” One line said “all unfair games will have to play again.” Sir James bought four copies from Scakes. Strange enough, wasn’t long after de people voted Sir James’ NDP into power’ back in 1984. Well, Labour gave him back ah dose ah he own me-dissing. Dey boy-cut, no parade foh dem.

Dem days ah uses to go to de Parade to get come-mess to write. When everbody dey watching de marching, ah dey watching up in de Pavilion way dem Ministers and dey wives sitting. Ah uses to judge dem foh ‘best dress’! Jerry Scott was Best Dress foh men and Sir Herbs’ wife uses to out-dress de women, mainly de Hats. Broad rim hats was de style and dem women uses to wear hats broad like umbrella.

Sadly though, In-de-pen-dunce Parade was like an NDP ah-fear, no Ralph no Serving-son, no Labour or ULP top brass uses to attend, de went on Boat Ride. So now dat ULP in power, is Retribution Time,” NDP giving dem back ah dose ah dey own Me-dissing, “Tit foh Tat! Butter foh Fat!” But Lay-cock is right, dah is foolishness, is time we all grow up and celebrate de Nation’s Birthday as one people! And wid dat is gone ah gone.

One love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.