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December 13, 2013
8 things business owners can do to create a tourism friendly environment

After spending a few days in SVG recently, I’ve made a few observations that I would like business owners to consider if they plan to capitalize on the anticipated tourism increase in the coming years. After working as a travel consultant years ago and now travelling frequently for work, there are a few basics that a visitor to any location should expect. SVG is a great product and can be better if we all pitch in.{{more}}

1. Encourage your workers to smile. Too many have perfected the practice of looking tough and bothered, instead of warm and inviting.

2. Ask your employees to speak proper English when at work. Yes, we can speak Vincentian dialect, but employees should be able to switch and speak proper English when at work.

3. Lower the volume down. We are a very vibrant people, but some conversations can sound like a brawl. You and your employees should consider keeping the volume level down in discussions.

4. Find a way to build relationships with your customers, through a mailing list, social media or some other method. Loyal customers, even if they only come back once a year, can significantly increase your revenue.

5. Keep the bathrooms well lit, supplied with toilet paper, and clean. Consider cleaning a few times daily, and deodorize the facility.

6. Ensure the area directly in front of your business is trash free. If a customer has to pass trash to enter your facility, they may think twice. Encourage others to use the trash receptacles around the city.

7. Allow tourists to charge their phones if they are paying customers. They are only requesting a few minutes at best, as they want to get back to enjoying the island.

8. Make it a fun challenge to help your employees learn more about SVG’s history, culture, attractions, and current activities. They can use this information to strike up a conversation with visitors and share how wonderful our island can be.

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