Woman who was robbed, beaten looking forward to returning to work
Alice Williams warded at the female surgical ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital
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April 26, 2024

Woman who was robbed, beaten looking forward to returning to work

A woman of Rockies who was attacked and robbed on her way to work last weekend was still a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) up to press time. Alice Williams was left bloodied and robbed of her purse, glasses and phone in the attack on the morning of Saturday, April 20, 2024 but her bag was recovered at the scene of the attack.

She told SEARCHLIGHT the man who she believed attacked her is from her community and referred to him by an alias.

“Them say he does go off but I don’t know,” the woman said, adding that the man usually is part of road cleaning crews and “if somebody have they yard and it want it little trim up, he will go and trim they yard.”

Williams, who is employed as a cleaner with the Kingstown Town Board, said she left home around 5:15 a.m, and walked to a shop where she sat and waited until it was 6:25 a.m, then resumed her journey to work.

She walked down the Sally Spring/Frenches Road where she saw her named attacker.

The last thing she remembered was exchanging greetings with the man before continuing on her way.

“I was on evening shift, but I exchange that Saturday because I planned to go Fancy for a funeral,” Williams explained.

Alice Williams was found lying unconscious and covered in blood along the Sally Spring/ Frenches Road by another person who was heading to work using the same road.

A piece of steel was also reportedly found near her, and it was said that her attacker may be suffering from mental illness.

The mother of six spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, from her bed at the hospital where she pointed to bandages covering wounds on her knee, the right side of her head above the ear, as well as bruises on her arms, forehead and around her eyes.

Williams’ sister, who chose to go by the name Ms Bailey was at the bedside and told SEARCHLIGHT that her sister did not regain consciousness until the following morning, Sunday, April 21, 2024.

‘Bailey’ also recalled seeing blood coming from Williams’ ear after she was rushed by a ‘Good Samaritan’ to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Saturday morning.

“When I got down here the doctors and the nurses did done hook she up and she wasn’t responding…I felt bad because she’s my sister.”

Bailey said that she received the news about her sister from a friend who called inquiring about her. She then learnt about the attack through Facebook.

“I tell my husband come drop me down hospital,” she recounted.

She also said the police informed her that someone was taken in for questioning.

Williams said on Tuesday that she was feeling much better and is looking forward to getting back out to work. However, the wound to her knee is making walking difficult.

“Is just the headache and me foot, I can’t walk by myself.”

The police confirmed that someone was taken in for questioning, but was released after they could not discover any substantial evidence from the said person. The police also confirmed that there were items missing from Williams’ bag, but could not speak as to the piece of steel said to have been found near Williams.