Vincy Workplace
April 22, 2005
Embarrassing details

The meeting had already started when a gentleman walked in and took a seat.

When he began speaking, people quickly spotted a piece of dried mucus hanging from his nose. How embarrassing! Everyone noticed but no one said anything, and the poor guy continued talking with the mucus still visible.{{more}}

It even began swaying as he inhaled and exhaled until it finally became dislodged on its own. Would you have had the courage to say something? What impression did that man leave with his colleagues?

Little things can cause very embarrassing moments for even the most savvy professional. Sometimes life gets hectic and you forget to pay attention to the small details that can have a big impact.

Carry breath mints: Use breath mints or sprays to refresh your breath. Gum is not a good choice because it’s distracting, noisy, and unsightly. After a meal or snack go to the restroom and check your teeth for any food that may be caught. Make sure your smile is clean.

Nails: Your hands and fingernails always need to be in tip-top condition, free of flaking polish, dirt, or chips. Obviously, this is not realistic if your profession is manual (carpenter, mechanic), but office workers have no excuse for ragged nails. If you wear nail polish, reserve the fancy designs for the weekend and stick with the conservative look Monday through Friday.

Hair: A clean, well-maintained cut for the gentlemen is best. If dreads are acceptable, they should be orderly, clean, and free of offensive odours. Ladies, leave the glitter, exotic colours, bone-stiff hair, and outrageous adornments and hairpieces for the weekend.

Personal Fragrances: The choices for body fragrances are endless and they can be overwhelming. Stick with the basics: a daily shower, deodorant, and a light perfume or cologne. Colognes and perfumes should be subtle and applied sparingly because many people have fragrance allergies.

Shoes: Shoes are a telltale sign of a persons attention to detail. Clean and shine your shoes regularly. Scuff marks caused by wear and tear or driving will hurt your professional image.

Check for fit: After dressing, reach, stretch, and twist to make sure your clothing is not too tight, restrictive, or revealing. Ladies have a tendency to wear clothing that’s a little too close fitting; give yourself room to move. A broken or missing button in the wrong place can be horrifying. Some men wear tight clothing but many ˜ especially younger people ˜ wear clothes that are too loose. Baggy pants and shirts are for the weekend.

The waistband of pants should be worn at the waist and belted.

Bathroom check: Before you leave a restroom do a complete body check to make sure clothing is in place and there are no unusually additions, such as toilet paper clinging to a shoen.