St Martin’s Secondary nails JCI Earth Day poster competition
April 25, 2024

St Martin’s Secondary nails JCI Earth Day poster competition

In this year’s JCI St Vincent Poster Competition Lucas Huggins of the St Martins Secondary School took the top spot. He was followed by Rolene Sam of the St Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown; and Alysson Ambrose of the St Vincent Girls’ High School took the third spot. Isiah Ross of the St Vincent Grammar School won first place in the open category of the competition.

Competitors were challenged to create a poster design through a painting, sculpture, graphic printed design, sketch/drawing or embroidery.

Rewards included cash prizes, school projects, podcast features, prizes from courts, as well as medals and trophies.

The Junior Chamber International(JCI) St Vincent’s Earth Day poster competition was held under the theme ‘Planet vs Plastics’, at the Peace Memorial Hall on Monday, April 22, 2024, where there were remarks from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Keisal Peters, and JCI St Vincent executives.

President of JCI St Vincent, Wanika Ashton, spoke of efforts by her organisation to eliminate their carbon footprint. Ashton said that participants’ projects were presented through art and other creative means as a way to take advantage of technology. Also, participants’ certificates were sent to them electronically.

Additionally, the programmes were digitally done with only one copy being printed for the chair of the ceremony. The score sheets for the judges were also in electronic format.

Ashton said all these steps were done in an effort “to minimise our carbon footprint”.

In an effort to bring more awareness towards a sustainable planet, a seminar will be held to properly equip youths “on what should I do, what can I do? And what did I do? to foster a sustainable environment”.

Her address about environmental sustainability encompassed questions about the planet and its resources, targetting the students in attendance. Ashton also explained why it is important for humans to remedy the causes of climate change, as well as measures that can be undertaken to protect the earth.

The JCI president also noted that environmental sustainability, “promotes a greener future”, adding, “Won’t we want that when we grow old and grey for us to have refreshing drinking of water flowing down our stomachs when we come home from a hot day?! Isn’t that so?”

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kiesal Peters addressing those in attendance said she was elated with JCI St Vincent for hosting this initiative as it paves the way for younger generations.

“I want to first to commend JCI St Vincent for this initiative in commemorating Earth Day and for recognising that the earth is our home…this is our home and we have to take care of it while we are here and for our future generations.”

Minister Peters noted too that human beings generally do harm to the planet, “and sometimes we can’t help it”, referencing development and industrialisation.

“The end result is that we have issues of environment degradation, deforestation, effects of climate change- all deleterious to the overall well being of the earth.”

Peters also gave the students their ‘flowers’ for taking part in this year’s competition, assuring that their ideas will not go unnoticed.

“Who knows, maybe some of these solutions that we come up with are solutions we can employ later on.”

Peters said that she is looking forward to a discussion with members of JCI and JCI’s national vice president, Regina Bunbury on some of the ways to achieve a sustainable environment.