Sugar Matters
July 31, 2009
POP QUIZ-test time!

This will be EASY, I promise! You have all been paying so much attention and working on learning more, this will be a breeze…

Question 1: Peripheral vascular disease affects

A) the legs only
b) the heart only
c)the brain only
d) Every blood vessel outside of the heart and brain{{more}}

Question 2: If your calves cramp when you walk and get better when you rest, this could be a sign of peripheral vascular disease-TRUE/FALSE

Question 3: If your calves cramp when you walk, you should avoid walking as much as possible because exercise is bad for this condition. TRUE/FALSE

Question 4: Important aspects of your health to address when you have peripheral vascular disease include(s)

a) Your blood sugars
b) Your cholesterol
c) Your blood pressure
d) Exercise
e) All of the above

Question 5: Getting your cholesterol levels low enough to help treat or prevent worsening of peripheral vascular disease often requires use of cholesterol medication. TRUE/FALSE

Question 6: Taking an aspirin every day can decrease chances of stroke, heart attack and severe peripheral vascular disease. TRUE/FALSE

Question 7: Peripheral vascular disease can cause

a) Decreased ability to exercise
b) Pain with rest
c) Limb amputations/to be cut off
d) Poor blood flow and cold toes/feet
e) All of the above

Answers: 1) D 2) TRUE 3) FALSE 4) E 5)TRUE 6) TRUE 7)E

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