Youngest Player awardee- Abby Sutherland (right) with Lolita Charles
December 9, 2022
Stand out players rewarded in Sion Hill Netball Tournament

Those players whose attitude stood out in the 2022 Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Tournament, and those who were outstanding in their execution on the court, were rewarded last Sunday, December 4, at the closing and presentation ceremony at the Sion Hill Playing Field hard court.

Copping the award for being most disciplined player in the tournament was Abigail Richards of SVG General Services Maple, with Sion Hill’s Kyla Lewis receiving the Jennifer Prescott award for being the most disciplined player on her team.

Kyla Lewis – Most Disciplined player on the Sion Hill Netball Team

The Sion Hill Netball Team was adjudged the most disciplined team in the tournament.

Meanwhile, the youngest player in the tournament was 10-year old Abby Sutherland of Success Radio Netters . Sutherland thus received the Lolita Charles award.

Charles explained that she was moved to provide this award because some years ago she received recognition for being the oldest player.

Taking the top shooter award was Jasmine Frank of Modern Tech Solutions Stars. Frank scored 181 goals from 226 attempts to cop the Claudia Williams award.
Also rewarded were the MVPs for the teams in both divisions.

The recipients in Division Two  were Nyasha Yorke of Sion Hill Netball team; Nikita Ollivierre- Empress Creation Simple Netters; Ketonna Campbell- SVG General Services Maple; Denella Creese – Conquerors, and Cassy Samuel- Success Radio Netters Two.

Gaining the MVPs in Division One were Dorian Layne- Modern Tech Solutions Stars; Roneika Gibson – All Stars; Dwight Pierre- Success Radio Netters; Zaria Solomon- RSVG Police, and Colisia Fraser- TCCU Star Girls.

The Sion Hill Netball team won both the league and knock out titles in Division Two, and Modern Tech Solutions Stars, were the double champions in Division One.
The 2022 Sion Hill Netball Tournament was last held in 2019.