DIVISION ONE Knock out title champs - Modern Tech. Solution Stars
December 6, 2022
Modern Tech Solution Stars and Sion Hill take both Division titles in Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Tourney

MODERN TECH SOLUTION Stars and Sion Hill Netball Team, won both the league and knock out titles of the 2022 Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Tournament.

DIVISION TWO League and Knock Out titles holders – Sion Hill Netball team

When the tournament ended on Sunday, December 4 at the Sion Hill Playing Field Hard Court, Modern Tech Solution Stars took hold of the C & R Enterprises Division One Knock Out title, handing Success Radio Netters One a 76-21 defeat, adding to the Division One League title they had already won earlier in the tournament.

Completing the Division One league top three places were Teachers Cooperative Credit Union Star Girls, the 2019 champions, who finished second and third place was RSVG Police.

The top shooter award went to Jasmine Frank of the Modern Tech. Solution Stars, who registered 181 of her 226 attempts, to cop the Claudia Williams trophy.

Meanwhile, Sion Hill Netball team, apart from doing the double, having earlier taken hold of both the Division Two League and Knock Out titles, was adjudged the best dressed team and the most disciplined team. The latter award was sponsored by Parliamentary Representative for East Kingstown, Fitzgerald Bramble.

Success Radio Netters took the Best Banner award, as determined on the opening day of the tournament, October 16.

The 2022 edition of the Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Tournament, was the first since 2019.