February 17, 2015
Open ourselves a little more – PM Gonsalves

The sporting disciplines which are being practised in St Vincent and the Grenadines need to be broadened to include others.

Making out a case for the introduction of some new disciplines, was Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, when he addressed the 2014 National Sports Awards ceremony recently at Spring Gardens, Spring Estate.{{more}}

“We have to begin to break the boundaries of our own restrictive imaginations… Open ourselves a little more,” Gonsalves stated.

In suggesting some of the new sporting frontiers to be broken into, Gonsalves reasoned : “We have never for years addressed hockey … We have playing fields; I don’t see why we don’t have hockey and that again is a very cheap sport … We have squash but we don’t have badminton …. It is another very exciting sport … I don’t see why we can’t have gymnastics”.

Mentioning the sport of swimming, Gonsalves stated: “Some people may be able to do the diving and can’t do the swimming.”

The Prime Minister disclosed that with a soon to be developed hotel complex at Peter’s Hope, he could see golf being played on the mainland.

In addressing the disciplines of fencing and shooting, Gonsalves said the platform for the latter exists, especially with the erection of a shooting range at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Summing up his suggestions, Gonsalves commented, “ There are other areas in which young people may have great interest; the job of the National Sports Council is to assist into pointing directions to get persons to form organizing crystals … To get them going with these sports.”(RT)