Prime the pump
July 20, 2021
Work by faith

WHEN WE LOOK around at the state of our economy and the seemingly unending challenges that our businesses are confronted with, the corporate future may look quite daunting.

However, in times like these corporate leaders cannot work by sight. In many cases, despite the best made plans, it has become evident that there must be room for flexibility to accommodate the necessary adjustments along the way. One would prefer, if leaders were able to map out clearly, the short term and long term goals or predict with some level of certainty the outcome of the crucial decisions that are made daily; but this is often not the case. In fact, on many occasions it is only after leaders have invested their limited resources that they are presented with the full picture. As such, these situations require much faith, courage and determination to push through the clouds of uncertainty, doubt and hopelessness that lingers over the corporate future. The corporate world demands leaders to work by faith and trust that each decision made, was based on the information and resources available at the time and hence was the best decision. A manager cannot afford to operate as ‘a deer in head lights’, crippled by fears of failure and inner feelings of inadequacy.

It is vital that one remembers that he or she is not alone in this fight for profitability and ultimate survival. In addition, regardless to the image projected by the competitors, they are just as unsettled, confused and uncertain. They too are operating in unchartered waters and are trying their best to manoeuvre the fluidity of the business environment. For this reason Mr. Manager, you must keep going until the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

This season demands a calm head and broad shoulders, as internal stability and consistency are of utmost importance. Where possible, continue to invest in the training and development of your employees and your provision of excellent products and services, and under no circumstance make your insecurities and fears visible to your employees. Fear is contagious and employees smell fear like flatus in a small office. This will negatively impact job performance and reduce staff productivity.

However, faith is also contagious and a positive and forward looking leader motivates employees to be more efficient and goal oriented, despite the challenges. Consequently, the future will be brighter, if more managers work by faith.