Men found tied, burnt in Park Hill
The badly burnt bodies of Brenton “Marvin” Barker and Calvert “Vert” Smart are being taken away from the scene to the Kingstown Mortuary, while shocked residents look on. (inset from left: Brenton “Marvin” Barker and CALVERT “VERT” SMART)
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April 9, 2024

Men found tied, burnt in Park Hill

Police are investigating the discovery of two badly burnt bodies which were found in Park Hill yesterday, Monday April 8, 2024.

SEARCHLIGHT was told that police officers received a call just after noon about the bodies. The bodies were tied together and badly burnt and were found to the back of the home of one of the deceased.

The deceased men have been identified as Brenton Barker, popularly known as Marvin, and Calvert Smart, who was commonly known as Vert.

Both young men resided in Park Hill.

Residents rushed to the area upon learning of the incident.

Many persons expressed shock that such a crime was committed in the relatively quiet village.

They also expressed regret over the tragic loss of the young men.

Both men were reportedly farmers and Smart was known for walking around the village and selling vegetables and ground provision.

Barker had many crops growing in his yard.

The bodies were removed on Monday afternoon and transported to the Kingstown Mortuary where post mortem examinations are to be performed to determine the cause of death.

On March 26,2024, the police were called out to the neighbouring village of South Rivers, following the discovery of the body of Clinton Hackshaw. Hackshaw’s body reportedly bore multiple gunshot injuries.

Investigations into the deaths are ongoing.