Fire Fighters, Principal, Teachers and toddlers of the Headstart Preschool at the AIA
Press Release
November 28, 2022
Headstart Pre-School pays visit to Argyle International Airport Fire Station

The toddlers at the Headstart Preschool were excited to visit the Argyle International Airport (AIA) Fire Station as part of their annual Fire Safety Programme.

On November 8, Inspector Ellis, Sergeant Samuel and Constable O’Garro were among the group of Fire Safety personnel that engaged the students on Fire Safety and the Roles and Functions of Fire Fighters.

Principal Lavinia Francis arriving at the AIA with students of the Headstart Preschool

The Police Officers used creative videos and songs, techniques which allowed the children to connect with the content being disseminated.

The highlight for the toddlers of Headstart Preschool was being able to ride in the Fire truck and observe the way it works. This was evident by the smiles and joy seen on the students’ faces for the wonderful practical exposure to content in this subject area.

(Left) Students of Headstart Pre School exploring the Fire truck at the Argyle International Airport. At right, Inspector Ellis and Fire fighters with toddlers of the Headstart Preschool

The principal of the Headstart Preschool, Lavinia Francis, expressed that the Police Officers were extremely courteous, thoughtful and very organized. The four-year-old students were accompanied by their teachers who agreed that this field trips one of the best yet!



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