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December 11, 2015
Cursing, fighting over different choices is animal-like behaviour

Editor: Control, control, control is necessary! Cursing and fighting have become everyday occurrences, especially since the election date was announced. And why? Simply because one person makes a choice that opposes the other person’s choice. Hence, hatred steps in and friends no longer talk to each other. People go to church and do not speak to their own brothers and sisters, due to mere differences in political affiliation. How sick! {{more}}

Humans were created as the MOST intelligent of all of God’s creatures. But are we really acting as though we are? Cursing and fighting over different choices is animal-like behaviour. Proverbs 18:6, 7 shows that we are not wise if we enter into contention, (quarrelling) which can destroy us. Imagine this: God, our Creator, has made us in His image. Genesis 1:26, 27. Therefore, we are to cultivate qualities like Him as best as we can. Can you imagine God telling you to hate, curse, or fight someone who makes a choice that opposes your choice?

Imagine too: God has given ALL humans free will, which includes freedom to choose what a person will or will not do. Are we telling God that he should not have given the other person free will to make his/her own choice because he/she makes a choice that we do not like? Since I have the right to choose whoever or whatever I want, shouldn’t the other person have that right to choose as well? Let’s be sensible. How? Three things that can help are (1) Say to yourself: “Since God has given that person free will, let me respect God’s decision by not hating or being angry with someone who makes a choice different from mine.” Really mean it too. (2) Romans 14:19.

Be determined to be at peace with your neighbour, regardless of his/her affiliation. (3) Be determined to put into practice 1 Corinthians 13:5 that states that love “is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.” So, control your thinking and actions by applying the best advice of God’s Word. Be kind to yourself and others by keeping peace between yourselves. Ephesians 4:31, 32. Control, control, control!

Promoting Self-control and Peace