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September 14, 2012
Have some consideration for others

Fri, Sept 14, 2012

Editor: I write to you concerning the situation at the Super J supermarket at Arnos Vale.

Before I continue, I must stress that this is not a critique of the staff or management, I find them to be very courteous and professional at all times.{{more}}

Further, I compliment this establishment for providing three very

suitable car parks, both at the front and rear of the premises. However, I am amazed by the actions of a few brain dead, bone idle cretins, who insist on parking their vehicles in the narrow passageway between this supermarket and the adjacent KFC building. Are they so incapacitated that they are unable to walk a few yards from any of the car parks to the store? If 95 per cent of the customers can undertake such a strenuous trek, then I see no reason why these thoughtless imbeciles cannot do the same. If they are so physically impaired, how do they manage to push a trolley and walk through the aisles of the store unaided?

A short while ago I was trying to exit this store and the complete passage way between these two buildings was blocked by four very large 4 x 4 SUV vehicles, thus obscuring my view of the exit from the supermarket. As I drew level with the supermarket exit, two young children had to squeeze their way between these 4 x 4s straight into the path of my vehicle. Luckily, I was travelling at almost zero mph and managed to apply the brakes in time to avoid hitting these young children. Had I been travelling at any higher speed I am fully convinced that an accident could not have been avoided and I would have been responsible for putting one or both of these young children in hospital (or worse).

I now appeal to the halfwitted, slothful minority to have some consideration for others and use the proper designated car parks. If they are fit enough to drive to the shop, they must be fit enough to walk a few yards from the proper car park. I also appeal to the respective operators of both establishments to do something about this situation, as my experience proves that there is potential for a fatal accident. Perhaps the erecting of no parking signs and having a security guard on duty to move people on may be the answer.

Although the real answer to this problem would be for the pig-headed, selfish minority to follow the lead of the responsible majority and use the car parks provided.

A. W. Indupp