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September 11, 2012
‘Concocted story’

Tue, Sept 11, 2012


[Editor’s Note: “We Hope Mr Williams is not implying the SEARCHLIGHT concocted the story referred to, with his question about if the “officer” even works in the Fire Department of the Police Force. We assure him the person does”. – Searchlight – Friday, September 07, 2012]

Madam Editor, I assure you that “story concoction” was the furthest thing from my mind when I wrote my piece.{{more}} I would NEVER associate such a low standard of journalism with my favourite SVG newspaper — one of the leading publications in the region.

Perhaps it does not obtain in SVG, but it is standard practice internationally, for print and electronic media to conduct telephone interviews after receiving information from individuals/organisations via news releases or telephone calls. As a community advocate/activist, I have been the subject of numerous such newspaper articles/stories, here in Canada, over the years.

I would never imply or accuse Searchlight of story concoction. Even if Lynch is the Editor and Miss Bump and Wine, Junior or Matthew are the Assistant Editors.


“… Despite reference of “witch-hunt” in the Searchlight editorial of Friday, August 31, 2012, Mr Miller now has no choice but to investigate and finger the culprit. He/she should be disciplined for any breach of the regulations of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. Such disorderly conduct should NEVER be acceptable in our society…” – Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

I had a good laugh when I read the title given to my letter. It reminded me so much of T & T Calypsonian Pink Pantner’s offering of a few years ago.

I write “finger” and your headline editor read “fire”.

I suggested that the matter be investigated and the culprit be FINGERED and DISCIPLINED for any breach of police regulations.


Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologise to Mr Williams for the error.