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January 6, 2012
Execute stiff penalty laws for littering!

Fri, Jan 6. 2011

Editor: I do wish that our Honourable Prime Minister and other Honourable Government Ministers read this article.

Can the Government execute a stiff penalty for littering? I certainly think so. Over and over we see advertisements on TV speaking out against littering, such as one featured by the “Solid Waste Management Unit” etc. Yet, most people still seem not to be getting the message.{{more}} They still litter as they are accustomed doing. They throw waste materials that cannot decay over banks on the streets etc. It is a common sight to see KFC boxes, plastic bags and so forth being thrown out of a van or bus by thoughtless, senseless passengers. I humbly wish to suggest to the Government that a fine be imposed on anyone caught littering – perhaps $100 or more for each deliberate act of littering. The Government must not just have a Law in writing, but must execute the Law, yes, seriously carry out the Litter Law, charging all who are seen deliberately and thoughtlessly littering.

Another suggestion: Can the Government require that ALL passengers carry a bag for litter when traveling, perhaps a zipper bag of reasonable size that can be attached to a person’s waist? The bag may be labeled, “LITTER BAG.” Maybe the Government, through the “Solid Waste Management Unit,” can have these bags brought in from abroad and sell them at a reasonable price to the public. I know that my suggestion may sound crazy, but it may go a long way towards decreasing the litter problem we have here in SVG.

Indeed, the litter problem is getting out of control. A number of tourists may eventually decide to stop coming to SVG due to the unsightly appearance in certain areas of the country. They may even discourage their relatives and friends from visiting our country for the first time. The tourism industry may, therefore, suffer. Hence, I do really hope that the Government take up my kind suggestions and seriously attempt to eradicate or at least reduce the problem of littering. Teachers, keep on educating your students, both at the primary and secondary level, against

littering. Parents, train your children to be decent and avoid littering. To ALL persons I plead: PLEASE, STOP the littering!

Very Concerned! BP