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February 5, 2010
Did ULP deliver in their 9 years?


Editor: When I heard that Prime Minister Gonsalves removed Senator Francis as a Minister I was not surprised. Why? It is said that Mr. Francis has organizational skills when it comes to elections. I don’t think so, but that’s their perception.{{more}}

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) has lost its way and desperation is setting in. Did the ULP deliver over the last nine years? The answer is questionable. The provision of basic needs is not necessarily development. What the ULP did is what was to be done, so there is no credit for them. After the ULP’s second term, why does there seem to be desperation in their camp?

It is being said that there will be changes in terms of their candidates. Did the elected parliamentarians fail? Ministers Baptiste, Walters, Slater, Browne, Sayers, Beache and Straker are the ones who it is said are leaving! Are they being asked to leave by the Electorate? I’m wondering if Prime Minister Gonsalves is forcing them out.

Some say they failed! Why did they fail? Is it because they are incompetent or is it that they never had the chance to deliver? The Prime Minister is the Minister Extra Ordinary. Let me congratulate the newly appointed Senator Michelle Fife. Our Prime Minister in complimenting her said that Michelle is a wonderful person and highly qualified by all standards. I’m wondering if she had said NDP, what would have been the Prime Minister’s impression of her? Imagine Mrs. Anesia O. Baptiste is not so qualified because there is a perception that she’s NDP. But ah go tell Ms. Fife replacing Minister Baptiste in West Kingstown would not be so easy. I don’t think Michelle is known and well grounded. Persons are saying Referendum results gave NDP the edge. I don’t think so. The ULP’s biggest policy (Constitution Reform) failed. That doesn’t mean the ULP is going to lose the next election, but NDP can win. Let’s be serious.

Prime Minister Gonsalves, Ministers – Daniel, Thompson, Burgin, Miguel and Caesar are hopeful. On the other hand, Eustace, Friday, Ollivierre, Senators’ Leacock, Cummings and Nature Stephenson will win. That means either party could win but they have their work cut out. Once upon a time, leadership played an important role in political party winning. Those days are over! One only has to be worthy! Senator Leacock will explain that! Time and 2010 are important. just like the next general elections are to all Vincentians.

Prime Minister, make sure your house is in order before you call it. People are desperate. It is time for you to go, or Prime Minister, we will let you sit in the opposition chair. You are important in parliament.

Kingsley DeFreitas