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December 11, 2009
What has changed after ‘No’?


Editor: Greetings and best wishes to all persons of this blessed nation.

We have just gone through a very serious and important event in our nation history. In my time as a young woman, I would say that the two most important events thus far in our history have been:{{more}} our attainment of Independence and our attempt to change the final links we have with the colonial powers.

We just went through this period, and whereas my position was in favour of a YES vote, I have to respect and humbly accept the voice of the masses who voted NO. I must ask, though, and this question is not directed to the masses, but to the leaders of the NO campaign. I am trying to find a rationale to some of the devious lies and myths that were spread to influence the masses. I am of the opinion that a serious divide and rule tactic was used. We were also the beneficiaries of the keep the people ignorant and rule them syndrome.

A lot of persons were not aware of the true facts.

Analyzing the Constitution Bill 2009, there are faults: I, unlike many in the YES camp, agree that there are flaws. But I am of the view that even with these flaws the document is still an improvement over the current document that we have.

I ask these questions that now relate directly to the constitution:

1. Do we now have open market value in this current constitution?

2. Does our current constitution have inalienable rights?

3. Don’t we still have a Prime Minister with excessive powers?

4. Our representatives, are they now more accountable?

5. Who will investigate issues that deal with human rights vilation?

Now some social questions:

6. Under this constitution, will the poor be taken care off?

7. Will the persons who couldn’t afford shoes buy them now?

8. Would the people get roads suddenly?

9. Will the people who live on the beach suddenly get homes?

My point is, a lot of the issues that were put forward as reasons to vote no will still remain the same, so we left room for them to remain as they are. A lot of the social issues will not change because of the type of constitution we have. They will be changed because of the type of policies, politics and politicians we have in our country. Well, I definitely am happy that at least in my lifetime, I got to participate in such a thing as a referendum. I am not sure if that opportunity will knock again so I already opened my door.

I must say that I am in complete disagreement and disgust with all persons who willingly spread false information to the more innocent and naive minded persons. The lies of the possibility of our beloved country turning into a socialist or communist state and all the horrors that come with it. A lot of attention has been placed on our friendship with Venezuela and Cuba, whose relationship with St. Vincent and the Grenadines started more than eight years ago. A lot of us have openly levied criticisms on the relationship between our country and the two countries mentioned before, but at the same time we are building stronger relations with these countries. The number 1 democratic country in the world the USA, is strengthening its relationship with the world’s number 1 Socialist/ Communist country China.

What I think is that we need to build relations with whomever we see fit, always being cautious not to let the internal policies of that country be ours. But create beneficial relationships that will help to push our country forward. I am happy and proud to always come to the defence of Cuba because of what Cuba has done for me and a lot of other persons of humble origins. I am not, though, going to blindly defend a country and say it is a perfect nation but to use a Biblical quote “he without sin cast the first stone” and also “take the mote out of your eye first”.

I will like persons to analyze the information they pass on to the nation. Let’s all speak the truth at all times. We have to be a nation built on the basic principles of respect, tolerance, solidarity, peace and love for all, despite our differences. We all need to put our shoulders to the wheel and start building our communities. A better SVG starts with each individual.

Peace and Love.

Angella “Ideisha” Jackson