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March 4, 2005
Reduce noise pollution now

Editor: Vincentians are being constantly told these days, that we need to be more productive and efficient, if we are to successfully meet the challenges of the new times. But how can we be more productive when we have to be kept awake until two and three o’clock in the morning, by the noise coming from a dance hall, the operators of which have apparently, the blessing of the police to do so. {{more}}

Some years ago we were made to believe, that unscrupulous noise making had been given the status of environmental pollutants but to date, apart from one or two spasms of effort from the authorities in addressing this irritating phenomenon, there has really been no enforcement.

We still have unbearable levels of noise coming from night clubs, omnibuses and motor cars within earshot of the law enforcement officer. Law abiding citizens are these days put under tremendous pressure on many fronts and the painful thing is that this limitation of the enjoyment of one’s life, is aided and abetted by those who have been given the authority and are paid to address these encroachments.

Why should a peace-loving and law abiding citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines not have the privilege of a reasonable chance of the enjoyment of a peaceful night’s rest because some unreasonable persons regard it as fun to play very loud music until three o’clock in the morning?

I am here appealing to the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security to use their authority to address this matter of excessive noise in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Persons who have been working hard all day should not be kept awake all night by those whose status allows them to sleep all day.

As we consider the ways and means to increase our productivity and reduce violence, let us not ignore the negative contribution the existing loud noise levels can have in frustrating our efforts to realize the goals we seek.

Fed Up