On Target
July 26, 2019
Are we expecting too much in sports?

There will always be healthy discussions, and sometimes arguments as it relates to sports here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The ups will be hailed and celebrated, while the downs will be criticised and in some instances, everyone involved becomes a target for abuse.

Unfortunately, in the minds of many Vincentians, sports is about winning trophies, setting records and being on top of the respective disciplines at all times.

One gets the impression that every time a Vincentian representative, whether an individual or team, expectations are first, and no other place.

Then, either way of the outcome; win, lose or draw, the discussion points are sounded in a deafening fashion.

Many questions therefore linger, as to the reasons why St Vincent and the Grenadines is where it is in the field of sports.

The list of probes mounts with every passing day, especially when things do not go the way they ought to.

In examining some of the realties and possibilities, how many of the most ardent supporters of Vincy sports on one hand, and at the other extreme, those are just downright critics, acknowledge that we can only do best in the current circumstances?

Do we accept or believe, that granted the size of the country and the limitations of our population, these affect the quality in the individuals and teams that we produce?

Are we in agreement that the quality of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines impacts in one way or the other, the results on the courts, the playing fields, stadia or wherever the venue?

How many persons then see the linkage between the stock sporting facilities we have, and their functioning purposes, relative to the decisions of the policy makers?

Can we do better in our sporting escapades granted the structure of the Vincentian society?

How much do the general ill-discipline and unstructured nature of our society, influence the way sports is played, accepted, administered and prioritised?

Have Vincentians accepted that sports and its derivatives are meaningful attributes to the psyche and eventual development of us as a nation?

How and will the general populace accept if a decision is taken to place sports on the top or close to, the national development heap?

To what extent is the demographic distribution affect the way things are done in sports?

Whether or not answers are forthcoming from the above posed questions, the facts are there before our eyes, many if not all of the aforementioned points are determinants to where we are in sports.

Should we however seek to get right every pointer in place before we can clear ourselves and be labelled as a country that has sports at the centrality of development?

St Vincent and the Grenadines’ sports has found itself in a quandary; sometimes as a direct spill off from many of the other happenings that take place.

This is occasioned by the celebration of under achievement in other spheres of our life, that we become overly zealous and lofty when there are some good performances in sports.

In short, some of these performances are hailed as the best, forgetting that the success is relative to a confined geographical space.

Not to in anyway devalue the efforts and accomplishments of our sportsmen and women, but their aspirations can only be maximised within what they have to work with and within the parameters of the grander scheme of things.

But must they stay in the confines of their limitations?

Should they push the parameters further out, and hopefully those challenges which are obstructive, but which can be mounted or removed, make a pathway for the betterment of our sports?

Are there enough narratives for the current persons engaged in sports, to hold on to and alter the course we are traversing?

Do all who are integrally part of the national sporting set up take on board that willingness to frame out a conduit that Vincentians can attain the best, in lieu of the resources this country possess?

Or are we conceding that we have somehow set the stakes too high, so we are expecting too much returns from sports?